Poems for Blade Runner
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  Sebastian I make my friends
from my dreams
and my wishes
my madness creates my paradise;
I do not care
about the natural plan
I walk alone
between nightmares
and souls.
I live alone between
my fantastic creatures,
my little toys
made of blood and design,
my little dolls
so sharp into my eyes.
Seeking my company
made of
and gold.

  Deckard I'm born to kill
to run like a puppet
of blood.
Like them ,I run
searching a place
of calm
but the inocent blood
is calling me
I raise my hand
and I fire the gun,
I kill and I cry
all those humans
of sand.
And the sounds
of the dead
of all those lost spirits
running away with me
like a marble of shadows
all those sounds
that I killed.

  Roy Batty I'm your Savior
your lost God
your friend,
you brought your gun
over me
and you killed.
My lost love
is there waiting for me
under the rain
who brought you into my way.
Im your Spirit of Gold
the Morning Sea,
the Green into the Mountains,
the next step.
The eternal story of Love
and compassion
that made us die
to reach the memories dreams.